Men’s Accessories S/S 2012

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Menswear S/S_2012
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2012, by Rittenhouse, Australian Designer

For Spring/ Summer 2012, there seems to a need for finding balance between technology and nature, a blend of neutrals with generous colour mixes in a blend of mix ‘n matching and taking a few risks, basically having fun with your wardrobe, because hey, why not right?
Leather looks to be one of the big fabrics, and in different variations, especially in accessories and footwear.
Colour scheme:
– Subdued tones for reassuring elegance
– natural and restful, eye-easing colours
– bold, eye-catching flashes added for fun
In all I think it’s gonna be an awesome season where you’ll get a chance to try mix the natural colours and fabrics with more cold, playful, colourful mixes and accessories harmoniously, that will be the challenge 🙂

Colour direction

Colour Direction

  1. Felicitas says:

    Great start – love to see more!

  2. Robyn says:

    Awesome start… Looking forward to 2012 🙂

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